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International accreditation status and SCA recommendations

ENNHRI’s member in Sweden is the Swedish Equality Ombudsman, which was accredited with B status in May 2011. The SCA noted that the NHRI’s mandate is limited to equality matters and stressed the need for a broader mandate to promote and protect human rights. Also, the SCA encouraged the Equality Ombudsman to advocate for the formalization of broad and transparent selection and dismissal process in the relevant legislation. 

In 2019, the Swedish government took important steps in relation to a proposal for the establishment of an NHRI in Sweden in compliance with the Paris Principles. ENNHRI provided comments on the proposal and stands ready to give further support towards the establishment and accreditation of an NHRI in compliance with the Paris Principles in the country. In January 2020, the draft bill was sent to the Swedish Council on Legislation (an advisory body composed of current and former judges of the Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court). The bill was submitted by the government to the Swedish Parliament and approved on 9 June 2021. The new institution is planned to start operations on 1 January 2022.

In view of the ongoing process to establish an institution in compliance with the UN Paris Principles, and having regard to the limitations of its mandate, the Swedish Equality Ombudsman abstained from contributing to this reporting process.