Funding Sources

ENNHRI is established as an international not-for-profit association (AISBL) under Belgian law. In 2021, we enjoyed support through the following sources:

We are also grateful to have received in-kind support in 2021 through members’ staff time and venues, the contributions of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Global Campus of Human Rights to the NHRI Academy, the Council of Europe’s support for Cooperation Platforms (on ‘Social Rights and Economic Rights’ and ‘Roma Equality’), and OHCHR’s hosting of ENNHRI’s General Assembly meeting in Geneva.

Funding sources in 2022 (%)

Regranting project

In 2023, ENNHRI launched its first call for proposals for small grants dedicated to supporting its members. Building on ENNHRI’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025, this initiative aims to:

  • Enhance the institutional capacity of members on national level.
  • Multiply initiatives on national level following participation in ENNHRI and transnational (network) activities.
  • Share learnings from national initiatives with peers in the network.

A total of nine projects have been selected. They are funded under the 2022 Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value Programme for EU Member States and the 2022 Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument for non-EU Countries.

Projects' details

People’s Advocate of Albania

Project name: Upholding Human Rights in Albania’s Digital Public Services – SERVRIGHT 
Project duration: June – December 2023

This project aims to examine the potential human rights implications of the digitalisation process of public services in Albania and prepare a report with recommendations on preventing human rights violations. Findings will be discussed with key stakeholders, including civil society organisations, international organizations and the Albanian government in order to raise awareness and promote the protection of human rights.

Combat Poverty, Insecurity and Social Exclusion Service

Project name: Just Transition  
Project duration: June – December 2023

A process on just transition has been launched in Belgium, with the goal of engaging in a dialogue with various actors in Belgian civil society on the main challenges concerning just transition. The aim of this project is to exchange and share the information and knowledge acquired by the Combat Poverty Service, which has an important role in this process, with other ENNHRI members.

National Consultative Commission on Human Rights

Project name: Protection of environmental defenders and their freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly, and association in Europe – The role of NHRIs in protecting civil disobedience as a form of peaceful expression and protest in the context of environmental activism
Project duration: June – December 2023

In the context of increasing civil disobedience actions as forms of protest against the environmental emergency, this project aims to identify ways for NHRIs to strengthen environmental defenders’ protection and freedom of expression, assembly and association. It will share its learnings with ENNHRI members and develop guidance for national and international institutions on a human rights-based approach to civil disobedience.

Greek National Commission for Human Rights 

Project name: Finding Rights – A flashback to 25 years of the Greek NHRI and 10 years of ENNHRI 
Project duration: June – December 2023

This project will enhance the Greek National Commission for Human Rights’ capacity to promote and protect human rights and cooperate with civil society stakeholders. It will do this by producing a short documentary highlighting moments of its 25-year history and its contribution as an active member of ENNHRI and holding an event to present the documentary to and discuss it with civil society stakeholders.

Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary 

Project name: Cooperation and Exchange Program with Other ENNHRI Members and Internal Capacity Building 
Project duration: September – December 2023

This project aims to inform the public and ENNHRI members of the work of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, particularly in the temporary offices opened in the regions near the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. It also aims to increase the Office’s international role and its visibility in the ENNHRI network through the exchange of experiences and good practices with relevant ENNHRI members.

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission 

Project name: NI Business Human Rights Index – Developing a national business and human rights index for Northern Ireland 
Project duration: June 2023 – February 2024

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission will request Queens University Belfast to conduct research on corporate human rights implementation and to develop a Northern Ireland Business and Human Rights Index. This Index will create a league table for local businesses in relation to their human rights impact and help inform the future work of the multi-stakeholder Northern Ireland Business and Human Rights Forum.

Commissioner for Human Rights

Project name: Development of an online e-learning platform directed to the youth  
Project duration: October – December 2023

In order to increase its capacity to promote human rights and combat discrimination, the Commissioner for Human Rights will develop an online e-learning platform directed at youth. This platform will serve as a knowledge hub on human rights issues and on the difficulties faced by vulnerable groups. The experience gained during the project’s implementation will be shared with peers in the network.

Protector of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia

Project name: Monitoring the Implementation of Inclusive Education in the Republic of Serbia  
Project duration: August 2023 –February 2024 

In 2018, the Ombudsman published a Special Report on Inclusive Education with 40 recommendations issued to relevant ministries and local governments. Since existing data indicate that there are still many challenges, the Ombudsman will monitor the extent of the implementation of its recommendations. The report will address the obstacles which hinder the implementation of inclusion in education and offer solutions.

Slovak National Centre for Human Rights

Project name: Collecting data about sexual harassment for advocacy and reporting to regional mechanisms by NHRIs 
Project duration: June – December 2023

The aim of this project is to execute research on sexual harassment at workplaces in the health sector. This will be done in cooperation with civil society organisations and academic experts who will be invited to share their recommendations and lessons learned. The recommendations and results of the research will be published and shared with national and international stakeholders.

* Funded by European Commission DG INTPA, under the project NHRI.EU – Phase 3
** Funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value Programme, CERV Operating Grant 2023

Past Grants


For more information, or if you are interested in supporting ENNHRI’s work, please contact:

Maurice Claassens

Team Leader – Network Development