The foundation of ENNHRI’s work is its Strategic Plan 2022-2025. It focuses on where we can best empower European NHRIs to protect and promote human rights and the rule of law, while supporting them to be strong and independent. By connecting NHRIs with each other and key human rights partners, we can create a vibrant network which acts in solidarity for human rights.

The plan was adopted by all members in December 2021 and resulted from a process led by ENNHRI’s Board. It includes three Core Objectives:


More and stronger NHRIs in compliance with the Paris Principles

Strategic priorities

  1. New NHRIs are established in compliance with Paris Principles
  2. NHRIs are supported through a robust (re-)accreditation process
  3. Regional standards on NHRIs are strengthened and implemented
  4. NHRIs facing challenges or threats are supported in countering them effectively


More effective promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law

Strategic priorities

  1. NHRI capacity to promote and protect human rights in Europe is strengthened
  2. NHRI participation rights in regional mechanisms are strengthened and broadened
  3. NHRIs and ENNHRI contribute effectively to regional mechanisms


A stronger and more sustainable network

Strategic priorities

  1. ENNHRI is a vibrant and accountable member-led network
  2. ENNHRI is a well-managed and visible network
  3. ENNHRI is a financially sustainable network