Welcome to the ENNHRI Hub!

This online platform allows members of ENNHRI to access key information and documents about the network and National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in Europe, as well as to share and exchange with other members. All staff from ENNHRI’s member institutions are welcome to join!

The Hub is hosted on Podio, a web-based collaboration platform.

How can you use the ENNHRI Hub?

NHRI Profiles

Visit profiles of ENNHRI’s member institutions and learn about their mandates, areas of work and key contact information.

Human Rights Topics

Learn about ENNHRI’s work across different human rights thematic areas, including news, events and Working Groups activities. You can also share news from your institution.


See the calendar of events, meetings and webinars for ENNHRI members and access relevant documents, such as meeting agendas, notes and information packs.

Find People

Search for people in NHRIs across Europe and add your own contact information to the database. You can search for people by country or area of expertise.

Share News

Share news and updates from your institution and hear the latest from other ENNHRI member institutions. You can filter the news by country or thematic area.

ENNHRI Bulletins

Access all of ENNHRI’s member newsletters and monthly thematic updates.

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