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National Human Rights Institution

At present, Iceland does not have a National Human Rights Institution. In 2019, the Icelandic government opened a public consultation on the establishment of an NHRI. The results of the consultation, alongside a bill drafted by the Ministry of Interior in 2016, are to serve as basis for next steps in the establishment of an NHRI. The government has affirmed at several occasions its intention to establish an NHRI. In 2021, the Icelandic government has decided to appoint a ministerial Working Group to explores the current scenario and possible avenues towards the establishment of an NHRI in Iceland.

ENNHRI has provided the members of the Working Group with information on the role of NHRIs and the Paris Principles. ENNHRI stands ready to support the Icelandic government with advice in the further process of establishing an NHRI in compliance with the Paris Principles.