Strengthening human rights accountability
at borders



About the report

The robust body of evidence gathered by National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), civil society organisations (CSOs), journalists, and regional and international bodies demonstrates that serious violations of the human rights of migrants persist at European borders.

The present report provides guidance and good practices on how to overcome gaps identified in our previous report on “Gaps in Human Rights Accountability at Borders”. It focuses on:

  • Monitoring and overall transparency
  • Access to justice
  • Investigations
  • Revision and prevention
  • Promoting a culture of rights

Discover the key messages

Discover five key messages on human rights accountability at borders building on the practices and solutions presented in this report and expanding on the recommendations put forward on specific gaps.

Accountability at borders requires
proactive steps

Accountability at borders must be considered part of respect for rule of law

The response to forced displacement from Ukraine has demonstrated alternative approaches to
border management are possible

EU legislation and policy must contribute
to bridging accountability gaps

Cross-border violations require cross-border


Hear the perspective of various actors

Watch the recording of our webinar to hear more about the perspective of a variety of actors on the obstacles to and opportunities for achieving stronger accountability for human rights violations at borders.

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