The institution is in its upstart phase, with its staff gradually increasing in 2016 and 2017. The priority in this phase in terms of substance is the ongoing monitoring and data collection on the national implementation of human rights, submitting NIM’s first annual reports to parliament and organising a national conference to raise awareness and invite inputs to the new institution.

To the extent possible, we provide advisory opinions on new legislation, advice individuals seeking guidance on national and international complaints mechanisms and participate in seminars and meetings. We also aim to provide inputs to international monitoring mechanisms as relevant.

Significant efforts are committed to institutional development including staff recruitment and organisational set-up, in particular the establishment of NIM’s Advisory committee and incorporating a regional office on the rights of indigenous peoples. Furthermore, the development of a strategy, plan of action, work processes, thematic priorities, a website etc., are key priorities.

Head of institution

  • Adele Matheson Mestad , Director
  • Marit Berger Røsland, Chair of the Board



Postboks 299 Sentrum, 0103 Oslo

Year of establishment


Accreditation status


Year of accreditation


Number of staff


Regional offices



  • Promotion and protection of human rights

Core functions

  • Monitoring
  • Publishing research, recommendations and opinions
  • Reporting to international and regional human rights mechanisms
  • Legal assistance
  • Advising government, parliament and other public bodies
  • Cooperation with civil society organisations
  • Human rights education and training
  • Awareness raising activities