Sub Committee Accreditation
03 May 2022

Results announced from the March 2022 session of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation

In March 2022, the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) assessed four ENNHRI members on their compliance with the UN Paris Principles. Following the publication of the results, ENNHRI congratulates the Austrian NHRI in particular for achieving A-status accreditation.

From 14 to 25 March 2022, the SCA held a virtual session to review the (re)accreditation of 15 NHRIs across the globe. Four ENNHRI members – in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Luxembourg – were included for review.

The Austrian NHRI achieved its reaccreditation upgrade from B to A-status, indicating stronger compliance with the UN Paris Principles. The SCA welcomed the changes, both in law and practice, to implement the recommendations made in 2011 when the SCA had accredited the institution with B-status. The SCA encouraged the Austrian NHRI to continue strengthening its institutional framework and working methods, with specific recommendations on selection and appointment, pluralism and diversity, and cooperation with civil society.

The re-accreditation of the German NHRI was deferred to the second SCA session of 2023. The SCA encouraged the institution to take necessary actions to address the recommendation in relation to its protection mandate, including its capacity to monitor and have access to places of deprivation of liberty.     

Furthermore, the SCA recommended that the Hungarian NHRI be downgraded to B-status. The SCA noted with concern persisting recommendations in relation to addressing human rights violations, selection and appointment, and cooperation with civil society. As prescribed under Article 12 of the GANHRI Statute, the Hungarian NHRI has challenged the SCA recommendation. Pending the consideration and outcome of this challenge by GANHRI’s Bureau, the SCA recommendation is not considered final and the NHRI keeps its A-status.

The Luxembourg NHRI was reaccredited with A-status, with recommendations on the term of office and part-time nature of the members of the Commission, recommendations of the NHRI, its annual report, and adequate funding.

For full details on the outcomes and recommendations from the SCA’s March 2022 session, click here.

ENNHRI provided tailored support to its members before and during the session and stands ready to assist them and national authorities in their follow-up to the SCA recommendations.

In October 2022, five more ENNHRI members – NHRIs from Cyprus, Great Britain, Norway, Northern Ireland, and Turkey – are scheduled to be assessed on their compliance with the UN Paris Principles. ENNHRI stands ready to support them during the accreditation process. Read more on what that support encompasses, as well as ENNHRI’s Practical Guide to the Accreditation of NHRIs.

Update on 15 June 2022

As the appeal of the Hungarian NHRI proved unsuccessful, it has now become a B-status institution in line with the recommendation of the SCA.