17 Nov 2022

Outcomes of the October 2022 session of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation announced  

In October 2022, the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) assessed five ENNHRI members on their compliance with the UN Paris Principles. ENNHRI congratulates in particular the Cypriot NHRI for its reaccreditation with A-status and the Turkish NHRI for its first-time accreditation.  

From 3 to 7 October 2022, five ENNHRI members – the NHRIs from Cyprus, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Turkey – were assessed on their compliance with the Paris Principles by the SCA in Geneva. 

The Cypriot NHRI achieved its reaccreditation upgrade from B to A-status, indicating stronger compliance with the UN Paris Principles. The SCA encouraged the NHRI to continue to advocate for sufficient funding to allow recruitment of staff at senior level and pursue the enhancement and formalisation of its cooperation with civil society, including through the newly established Human Rights Advisory Committee.  

The Great Britain NHRI (Equality and Human Rights Commission) was reaccredited with A-status. The SCA included recommendations on the NHRI’s human rights protection mandate, addressing human rights issues, cooperation with civil society organisations, financial autonomy, pluralism and diversity, and how it addresses human rights issues, as well as its processes for the selection, appointment, and dismissal of members of the Commission.  

The reaccreditation of the Northern Ireland NHRI was deferred to March 2023. The SCA reiterated recommendations regarding the NHRIs’ financial autonomy and adequate funding, and the open engagement between the NHRI and the State to ensure all budgetary issues are resolved quickly, appropriately, and in a sustainable manner.  

The Norwegian NHRI was reaccredited with A-status, with recommendations on selection and appointment, dismissal, and on the mandate to encourage ratification or accession to international human rights standards.  

The Turkish NHRI was accredited for the first time with B-status. The SCA included recommendations on independence, addressing human rights issues, engagement with civil society and the international human rights system, pluralism and diversity, selection and appointment of members, and the follow up of NHRI recommendations.  

For the full details on the outcomes and recommendations from the SCA’s October 2022 session, see here.   

ENNHRI provided tailored support to its members before and during the session and stands ready to assist them and national authorities in their follow-up to the SCA recommendations. 

In March 2023, three more ENNHRI members are scheduled to be assessed on their compliance with the UN Paris Principles. ENNHRI stands ready to support them during the accreditation process. Read more on what that support encompasses, as well as ENNHRI’s Practical Guide to the Accreditation of NHRIs.