13 Oct 2020

New resource for monitoring rights of migrants at borders during COVID-19

ENNHRI has launched a new resource to complement its Guidance on monitoring the human rights of migrants at the borders. This new complementary guidance provides a series of guiding questions relevant to human rights monitoring at borders in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the full Guidance’s approach, four clusters of questions address potential human rights issues that monitoring bodies like National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) can investigate when assessing the situation at borders during the pandemic.

Due to the fast-evolving nature of the pandemic, this Complementary Guidance does not intend to give an all-encompassing overview of the human rights issues that need being monitored and addressed. It must be read together with the wider principles and questions presented in the full Guidance and complemented by the best practices and standards identified by expert organisations.

Download Complementary Guidance: Monitoring human rights of migrants at borders during the COVID-19 pandemic