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07 Mar 2019

New leaflet shows how NHRIs can use SDGs in advancing a human rights-based approach to poverty reduction and measurement

new ENNHRI leaflet introduces how National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) can use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in advancing a human rights-based approach to poverty reduction and measurement. It outlines how the SDGs framework can serve as an opportunity for NHRIs to better instrumentalise states’ human rights obligations more comprehensively.

This is the first output of a study conducted by ENNHRI which shows how SDG National Action Plans can be used to advance a human rights-based approach to poverty measurement and reduction, and the importance work of NHRIs in Europe in driving this approach. It was presented today at an NHRI consultation organised by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Global Alliance of NHRIs in Geneva.

The leaflet will be followed by a more extensive publication later in 2019, which will include in-depth guidelines for NHRIs on how to address poverty reduction from a human rights standpoint while making use of the SDG framework.

Erinda Ballanca (People’s Advocate of Albania, ENNHRI Board member) explaining the important work of NHRIs in advancing a human rights-based approach to poverty reduction and measurement at NHRI consultation event in Geneva (7/3/2019)

NHRIs inherently look at poverty as a multidimensional human rights issue, defined not only in terms of income, but also as a lack of access to goods, services and participation in society. They can help the state to adequately measure poverty so as to set up efficient poverty reduction mechanisms, taking advantage of SDG implementation plans at the national level. Goal 10 on reducing inequality is particularly relevant for NHRIs due to their role as a bridge between the state and people on the ground.

Some of those good practices are described in the leaflet, such as the ongoing visits to Roma settlements by the Croatian Ombudswoman to adequately inform the government on their vulnerability to poverty, and the inclusion of a National Action Plan on human rights in the design of an SDG Implementation Plan by the Scottish Human Rights Commission & Great Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission.

ENNHRI is active in supporting NHRIs’ work on SDGs as a priority area, in line with upcoming events such as the UN High-Level Political Forum on SDGs, which will be focused on Goals 8, 10 and 16, among others.

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ENNHRI’s work on economic & social rights

ENNHRI members have chosen ‘economic and social rights’ (ESR) to be one of the thematic priorities for the network, with special attention given to synergies between regional and international frameworks, including SDGs.

In 2019, ENNHRI’s activities focus on: strengthening capacities of NHRIs when monitoring ESR in divided societies and conflict; communicating and promoting ESR in times of populism; and ensuring a human rights-based approach to economic and social policies.

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