NHRI Leadership Forum 2021: Leading with others – Nurturing resilient and effective NHRI leadership


Short Wednesday and Friday sessions between 10 – 26 November 2021


Heads of NHRIs face leadership dilemmas, complicated decisions, and conflicting demands. COVID-19 has increased the uncertainty and difficulty of dealing with these, raising new and intensifying ongoing challenges. At the same time, NHRI leaders often have few direct peers in-country to exchange with on their demanding roles.  

Through targeted skill development and by offering opportunities for reflection and peer exchange, the NHRI Leadership Forum will equip you as NHRI leaders to navigate yourself and your organisations through these complex and diverse realities and to emerge stronger.

A safe space for confidential discussion 

We are committed to creating a space where all participants feel included, respected, and free to talk openly. We guarantee full confidentiality – the online platform has safe communication channels and no sessions will be recorded. Furthermore, a code of conduct is in place and will be shared with you before the event. 

What’s in it for you? 

Focusing on the specific nature of a NHRI leader’s role and mandate, the Leadership Forum’s rich and participant-led programme will enable you to:  

  • Understand and refine your leadership. 
  • Enhance skills in areas critical to you and your institution.  
  • Find solutions and approaches to issues together with experts and other leaders. 
  • Build and deepen relationships within a supportive peer community. 

The event will also us shape and tailor our support for you in the future.  

The leadership aspects we will explore 

These topics form the basis of the programme: 

  • Self-leadership – understanding your motivations and purpose; making sound decisions in situations of ambiguity and rapid change; vulnerability and resilience. 
  • Leading with people – fostering belonging within your institution; inspiring and empowering your employees; leading with empathy and adaptability. 
  • Leading with partners – forming and sustaining meaningful partnerships; sharing values and responsibilities; diverse partnerships and their organisational impact. 

Within this framework, you will be able to co-create session content together with the Forum’s experts. 

The approaches we will use  

  • Plenary sessionsThese set the scene for the key Forum topics and prompt you to reflect with your peers.  
  • Table talks – Deepen your reflections in participant-led breakout sessions facilitated by the Forum’s experts.  
  • Fireside chats – Connect individually with your fellow leaders to discuss leadership issues of mutual interest.  
  • Individual coaching Join individual or small group sessions with two coaches to find solutions to your own leadership challenges.  

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