NHRI Academy 2019


The 6th edition of the NHRI Academy will take place from 3 to 7 June 2019 in Venice, Italy.

This annual capacity building event is organised by ENNHRI and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE-ODIHR), focusing on the unique role of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in promoting and protecting human rights in the OSCE region. This year, the Academy is organised in cooperation with the Global Campus of Human Rights.

This year’s programme is centred around strengthening the role of NHRIs in contributing to the implementation of economic and social rights (ESR). Some of the topics covered include:

• NHRIs’ use of their specific functions, such as monitoring, in promoting and protecting ESR
• Effective promotion and communication of ESR, focusing on specific target audiences
• The role of the Paris Principles in the work of NHRIs 
• Gender mainstreaming the work of NHRIs

Over the course of five days, the Academy will provide an open environment for sharing good practices among peers and other supporters and partners, including NGOs, academics and regional human rights organisations.

ENNHRI and OSCE-ODIHR have also piloted a cooperation with a researcher who will focus on the role of NHRIs with regards to the impacts of austerity policies and will finalise a research paper on the topic based on discussions at the Academy.

This year’s Academy will also feature a high-level roundtable with national and European stakeholders on the need to establish an NHRI in Italy.

For more information about the NHRI Academy 2019, contact Nina Pániková from the ENNHRI Secretariat.

» Download NHRI Academy 2019 programme

» Download the programme of the high-level roundtable co-organised by ENNHRI, OSCE-ODIHR and Amnesty International Italy