ENNHRI exchange on human rights defenders


This ENNHRI exchange will explore the role and added value of NHRIs in protecting human rights defenders in Europe. ENNHRI members and key stakeholders will come together to share good practices of NHRIs, while also considering their needs and how the network can provide support.

During the event, participants will:

  • Look at the role of and work done by European NHRIs to protect rights defenders nationally and exchange relevant good practices, while
  • Identify the added value of European NHRIs in protecting rights defenders at the domestic and regional level and how to strengthen this role.
  • Consider how ENNHRI can support NHRIs to strengthen their mandate to ensure an enabling environment and protection for rights defenders in Europe.
  • Reflect on how to strengthen NHRIs’ role in protecting rights defenders at the regional level and how to develop regional advocacy on this.

The discussions and exchanges during this meeting will inform ENNHRI’s future work in this area, including capacity building of NHRIs and its regional advocacy.

The meeting is a side event of ENNHRI’s General Assembly.

Read more on ENNHRI’s work on human rights defenders. Explore ENNHRI’s dedicated resource for NHRIs on human rights defenders.


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