Co-Lab: AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly and its use will spread significantly in the coming years. Its further development alongside other new technologies creates opportunities but also poses risks for human rights, non-discrimination, the rule of law and democracy. Consequently, European NHRIs have identified AI and digital technologies as a critical, emerging issue that they need to equip themselves to address.

For this reason, ENNHRI is organising a two-day capacity building event focused on AI. The “Co-Lab: AI” will take place from 30 November – 1 December and gather NHRI representatives from across Europe to share and learn about AI and human rights across a range of thematic and functional areas.

AI is one of ENNHRI’s thematic priorities for 2023, and will remain so in 2024. The Co-Lab: AI also builds on the NHRI Academy 2022, which had AI as its focus topic.

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