Greek/FYROM border in May 2016
23 Sep 2021

Regional report gathers NHRI findings to examine the human rights of migrants at borders

Based on the monitoring and investigative work of European NHRIs, this report outlines regional trends and common challenges concerning the main human rights issues that migrants face at borders. Drawing on this analysis, it puts forward ten recommendations for action. 

Persistent and systematic violations of the human rights of migrants, asylum applicants and refugees at borders is a core issue in Europe. Widespread reports by international organisations, NGOs and media outlets have warned of a deterioration of human rights and rule of law safeguards at borders. This has prompted European NHRIs to increase their work in this area. 

Since July 2019, ENHHRI has supported NHRIs to promote and protect the rights of migrants at borders. Under a dedicated project, the NHRIs in CroatiaFranceGreece, Serbia and Slovenia have produced national reports including good practices, findings, and recommendations. These are based on monitoring work conducted between July 2019 and April 2021.

The regional report, titled “The human rights of migrants at borders”, is the culmination of over two years of tireless work by European NHRIs. It highlights trends, good practices, and challenges linked to four key human rights issues at borders: returns and violence; access to relevant procedures; reception conditions and deprivation of liberty; and human rights accountability. Based on this, the report closes with ten recommendations for achieving human rights-sensitive governance at borders. An infographic also presents these (click on the image to display it full size).

In presenting this information, the report seeks to contribute to an evidence-based analysis of legislative and policy proposals at the national and regional levels that takes into account NHRIs’ invaluable work on the ground.  

ENNHRI encourages national and regional actors to act on the report’s recommendations and to draw on the information it presents during the ongoing negotiations on wider EU migration and asylum policy.  

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