07 Apr 2021

ENNHRI’s “Regional Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders” Implementation Report published

ENNHRI’s report on the implementation of the Regional Action Plan on GANHRI Marrakesh Declaration, which relates to expanding the civic space and promoting and protecting Human Rights Defenders, is now available for download.

In 2019, ENNHRI adopted a Regional Action Plan aimed at implementing the Marrakesh Declaration on the role of NHRIs in expanding civil space and promoting and protecting Human Rights Defenders. The Regional Action Plan illustrates actions for NHRIs under the areas of prevention (i.e. ensuring an enabling environment for Human Rights Defenders) and reaction (i.e. continuous and rapid responses to democracy and Human Rights Defenders coming under threat).

Based on the actions set out in the Regional Action Plan, the newly published Implementation Report showcases the main activities carried out in 2019 and 2020 in the area of Human Rights Defenders by European NHRIs (nationally) and ENNHRI (collectively).

Among the main achievements in 2019-2020, as part of the ‘preventive’ actions, ENNHRI has set up an annual NHRI monitoring framework on the situation of rule of law, including civic space and threats to Human Rights Defenders. ENNHRI has subsequently shared the report with relevant international and regional partners/ actors, with a view to facilitate reaction, including in instances where civic space and Human Rights Defenders have come under threat. The information reported by NHRI’s has been, for example, reflected in the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General report on reprisals, highlighting threats experienced by the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights, and has also led to ENNHRI’s advocacy on strengthening European mechanisms to protect Human Rights Defenders.

» Download the Implementation Report

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Image: Andryck Lopez/Unsplash