Room of people sitting together in a plenary room
11 Apr 2023

ENNHRI members vote to exclude the Russian NHRI at Extraordinary General Assembly

This morning ENNHRI held an Extraordinary General Assembly to consider the membership status of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation (the Russian NHRI).

The Extraordinary General Assembly meeting was initially called following a proposal from ENNHRI’s Board to exclude the Russian NHRI from ENNHRI membership.

After a member exchange, the question of the exclusion of the Russian NHRI was put to a vote by A-status voting members, and the General Assembly resolved to exclude the Russian NHRI from ENNHRI membership.

The ENNHRI membership took the position that the Russian NHRI had not complied with its ENNHRI membership obligations as it was not acting in accordance with, or in a manner likely to further, the goals and activities of ENNHRI.

ENNHRI is committed to the promotion and protection of human rights across all of Europe, and the fundamental values that entails. It is hoped that future circumstances will eventually be such that the Russian NHRI can be included in the network.