09 Apr 2020

ENNHRI’s Annual Report shows the recognition, impact and solidarity of European NHRIs in 2019

ENNHRI’s Annual Report for 2019 is now available to download. It outlines the key achievements of the network throughout the year, with a particular attention to the impact of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) on economic and social rights.

As NHRIs’ voice at the European level, ENNHRI has been at the forefront of efforts to increase recognition of the unique role of NHRIs in the human rights landscape. In 2019, this included through the promotion of the importance of strong and independent NHRIs before the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers and the EU Working Parties on Human Rights and of Fundamental Rights, Citizens Rights and Free Movement of Persons.

With economic and social rights under the spotlight in 2019, ENNHRI’s Annual Conference in Brussels explored the role of NHRIs in this area, bringing together over 100 representatives of European NHRIs, civil society and international and regional organisations. At the event, ENNHRI launched an exposition and interactive webpage showcasing NHRI practices, as well as a Guide for NHRIs outlining principles for applying a human rights-based approach to poverty reduction and measurement.

ENNHRI continued its work on supporting European NHRIs’ compliance with the UN Paris Principles. For example, in response to the institutional and individual threats faced by the Polish NHRI (Office of the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights), ENNHRI joined regional and international actors in expressing solidarity and support through two joint statements and participation in a meeting and press conference at the NHRI’s office in Warsaw.

A new project was launched to support NHRIs’ work on addressing the human rights of migrants at European borders. The project’s initial activities included a set of workshops held on the topic and the publication of a paper surveying the human rights situation at the borders. These came ahead of a series of NHRI monitoring visits planned in 2020.

Communicating human rights continued to be an important area. A workshop on ‘Communicating Economic and Social Rights’ in Brussels brought together two ENNHRI Working Groups, creating a space for communications and policy staff to jointly explore approaches to advancing a positive human rights narrative in Europe. Also, a new website with a refreshed visual identity was launched, helping to raise the online profile of European NHRIs.

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