Participants adding post-it notes on the wall
12 Sep 2017

25-29 September: All lights on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR)

On 25-29 September, a face-to-face workshop on ESCR will take place in Riga (Latvia), hosted by the Ombudsman of Latvia. 15 participants from NHRIs across Europe will participate in the training, which constitutes the second part of the Blended Learning Course on ESCR, under the NHRI.EU Project. Developed by the Danish Institute for Human Rights and coordinated by ENNHRI, this course uses the blended learning approach, which combines three phases: an e-learning, a face-to-face workshop, and the possibility to apply for a follow-up grant to implement the learning in the context of a domestic project.

On Tuesday 26 September CoE, FRA, ENNHRI and EQUINET, the four members of the Collaborative Platform on Social and Economic Rights will also meet in Riga, at the initiative of the Latvian Ombudsman. The platform meeting will focus on the implementation of specific articles of the European Social Charter. ENNHRI members participating at the workshop will have the chance to interact with the Platform members and present national practices to end poverty.

Last but not least, members of ENNHRI’s Working Group on Economic and Social Rights will have the opportunity to update each other on the progress of their work so far.

The events will take place at the Library of the University of Latvia

Photo: Participants at the 2016 meeting of ENNHRI’s Working Group on ESR