Members Guide

ENNHRI network, membership, policies and procedures


ENNHRI is the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions. By bringing together over 40 National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), we provide a platform to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights in Europe.

Our members have a diversity of mandates and operate in different national contexts. While European NHRIs they can take different forms, including human rights commissions, institutes and Ombuds institutions, all subscribe to our common values and strive to work in accordance with the UN Paris Principles.

Why be a part of ENNHRI?

As set out in our Strategic Plan 2018-2021, we work to strengthen, support and connect NHRIs in Europe. Below some of the opportunities of being part of our network.

Regional support and solidarity

In line with our Strategic Plan, we are committed to having more European NHRIs in compliance with the UN Paris Principles. Our network is here to guide you in every phase of the NHRIs accreditation process or support you if your institution comes under threat. We are also working to support the establishment of NHRIs in European countries that do not have one.

NHRI Establishment

By raising awareness of governments, parliaments and civil society on the role, function and value of NHRIs and by liaising with regional and international bodies, such as Council of Europe and the EU we provide support for the establishment of NHRIs.

NHRI Accreditation

Through our Secretariat and the Accreditation Support Group, we can provide support before, during and after the accreditation process of European NHRIs, the periodical evaluation with reference to the Paris Principles.


NHRI Under Threat

If an NHRI comes under threat, such as through a reduction in formal independence, a reduction in mandate, budget cuts or the removal of office holders, our Board and Secretariat are there to help.


Working Groups for mutual learning

Through our Working Groups, we facilitate collaboration and peer exchange among NHRIs across various thematic areas. Connect, exchange and learn with other experts and peers!

Artificial Intelligence

Climate Crisis and Human Rights

Capacity building and networking with other NHRIs

Strengthening NHRIs’ capacity, as well as their cooperation and solidarity, is also part of our core objectives. Take part in our tailored trainings and workshops to strengthen your expertise, and join our events and ENNHRI Hub to connect with staff of other NHRIs.

NHRI Academy

The NHRI Academy is our annual flagship training event, held together with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, which provides senior- and mid-level staff members from NHRIs across Europe with a unique opportunity to develop capacity and professional networking with other NHRIs, regional organisations and civil society.


This online platform allows members of ENNHRI to access key information and documents about the network and National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in Europe, as well as to share and exchange with other members.



Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference provides a unique space for exchange between representatives of NHRIs, European and international bodies and civil society to foster cooperation and strengthen collaboration in the European region.

» Our Annual Conference 2020

» Our Annual Conference 2019

Visibility and regional outreach for NHRIs

By facilitating NHRIs’ engagement with regional mechanisms, raising their visibility and intervening on regional legal and policy developments, we help ensure that your voice is heard at the European level.

NHRI Recognition

International and regional actors recognise the role that NHRIs play in safeguarding human rights and enabling democratic space. We support NHRIs to contribute to this recognition by engaging in a timely manner with relevant actors and raising awareness at the European level.

Blog articles

You can raise your NHRI visibility by contributing to the news and blog section of our website, sharing your best practices and learnings with other NHRIs and a European audience



Rule of Law

You can raise your NHRI visibility by reporting on the rule of law situation in your country. NHRIs’ contribution to rule of law reporting is one key aspect of the strategic engagement in European rule of law mechanisms.


Our governance structure

As a member, you can help shape ENNHRI’s development, input into strategic plans, annual work programmes and budgets by attending the General Assemblies, standing for election (if you represent a A-status NHRI) in and/or electing ENNHRI’s governing bodies or volunteering to be a Working Group Chair.

Categories of members

You can be part of ENNHRI in the capacity of:

Voting member

Accredited as an ‘A’ status NHRI by the SCA, the members of this category are eligible to serve as Board members and represent ENNHRI on the SCA.

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Non - Voting member

Accredited as a ‘B’ status NHRI by the SCA, the members of this category have speaking rights at all General Assembly meetings and can participate in all Working Groups.

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Associate Member

Pending accreditation, the members of this category intend shortly to apply for accreditation from the SCA. They have speaking rights at all General Assembly meetings and can participate in all Working Groups.

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Organisations or individuals, the members of this category do not have voting rights and cannot serve as Board members, but they do have speaking rights at General Assembly meetings, with permission of the Chair.

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Not yet a member?

If you consider that your institution complies with the criteria set out for one of these categories, apply to become member! The membership fees are €4,500 per year for A-status NHRIs, and €3,000 per year for all other members.

step 1

Write to the ENNHRI Chair using the membership form.

step 2

If you comply with the formal requirement, the Board will consider your application at the next Board meeting.

step 3

After the relevant Board decision, our Secretariat will inform you in writing of the admission and membership category, or rejection of your application.

step 4

If agreed, your membership will commence from the moment of Board decision and a membership invoice will be issued proportional to the date of decision.