People's Advocate of Moldova

Handling individual complaints of human rights violations


As the authority responsible for ensuring whistleblower protection in Moldova, the People’s Advocate of Moldova created a form for submitting request and alerts on their website.

Through this, whistleblowers can liaise with the NHRI on reviewing their case.

In 2020, the People’s Advocate received two complaints concerning retaliatory measures following disclosures of illegal practices.

In both cases, the NHRI confirmed their status as whistleblowers and that this entitled them to protection under law.

In one case, both the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal decided to annul the disciplinary measures applied by dismissal and obliged the employer to reinstate the whistleblower in the position he held prior to his dismissal. With regret, The Supreme Court of Justice annulled these decisions and the whistleblower was relieved of duty. At the moment the case is pending before Cedo at the request of the whistleblower.

Listen to Ada Simon, Chief of the Complaint Management and Investigation Department at the Office of the People’s Advocate of Moldova, talk about the NHRI efforts to protect whistleblowers in Moldova.