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Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo*

After receiving two complaints about the activities of civil society organisations being suspended following a request from a security body, the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo* published a report in 2018. It includes specific recommendations on compliance with the right to freedom of association. The report concluded that any suspension of activities based solely on suspicion – and without proper investigation – interferes with the right to freedom of association. The Ombudsman argued that this precedent poses a serious risk of other cases of state interference being justified on the same basis.

Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo*

In October 2021, the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo* organised the first constitutive Forum for the dialogue between the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo and organisations of civil society. The Forum aimed to develop a cooperation platform for identifying human rights violations, challenges to civil society, and opportunities for joint activities to promote and protect human rights in Kosovo*.

The Ombudsperson proposed the following thematic areas for the forum:

  • Human rights and fundamental freedoms in Kosovo*
  • Systematic human rights violations
  • Promoting the work of the Ombudsperson Institution and civil society organisations working on human rights issues
  • Coordinating joint activities
  • Forms of cooperation between civil society and the Ombudsperson Institution.

Forum meetings are scheduled to take place on a quarterly basis, guaranteeing a dynamic and proactive approach. To implement and properly coordinate this work, the Ombudsperson assigned a focal point to be responsible for communication with civil society organisations.

Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo*

On October 2021, the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo*, together with UN Women office in Kosovo*, launched the Informal Advocacy Task Force on Gender-Sensitive Standards for Occupational Safety, Health and Decent Work.

This task force aims to foster cooperation between stakeholders, the Ombudsperson Institution, the Women’s Caucus, UN entities, trade unions, private companies, gender equality activists and CSOs to promote gender-sensitive standards for Occupational Safety, Health and Decent Work.

The Task Force consists of the Ombudsperson (chair), while the co-chair will be the representative of the Women’s Caucus, several CSOs, and the Labor Inspectorate, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, and the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo.

This task force shall promote occupational safety and health for all and will meet every three months. It will also establish a platform for the regular exchange of information, awareness raising, and advocacy for functional formal mechanisms and social dialogue at the national level.