Danish Institute for Human Rights

Granting a Human Rights Award


The Human Rights Annual Award is granted by the Danish Institute for Human Rights’ Council to an exceptional person or organisation that has promoted and protected human rights in Denmark, Greenland, or the Faroe Islands.

Candidates are nominated through a public consultation and by the media, with the NHRI acting as the secretariat for the Council jury. The winner is selected by a vote among the civil society organisations represented on the Council.

For example, in 2016 the Award was given to 20 transgender activists, who raised awareness on transgender issues. In 2017, the winner was a representative of the Association of Godhavns Boys, who strived to protect the rights of children neglected while in care. 

Listen to David Adrian Pedersen from the organisation De Anbragtes Vilkår, winner of the 2020 Human Rights Award. De Anbragtes Vilkår works to improve the conditions of children and young people in foster care.

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