People's Advocate of Albania

Developing a monitoring and reporting structure on human rights defenders and civil society


In 2019, the People’s Advocate of Albania monitored 31 public demonstrations organised by various entities, including opposition political parties, civil society, students, and citizens. Some of these resulted in physical confrontations.

Through working groups, the NHRI monitored the situation on the ground and immediately verified cases of alleged rights violations committed by state authorities.

The People’s Advocate referred to the disproportionate use of tear gas by the police at several demonstrations which prevented individuals from exercising their right to peaceful assembly.

Moreover, the NHRI verified and condemned cases where police obstructed reporting by the media and journalists.

After verifying human rights violations, the NHRI addressed recommendations to relevant competent bodies to enable them to proceed with applicable administrative or criminal measures against the perpetrators.

Listen to Erinda Ballanca, People’s Advocate of Albania, recount the experience from the point of view of the NHRI. Subtitles are available.

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