Leadership Programme


In carrying out their duties, Heads of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) often face multiple challenges and obstacles, and it can be very difficult for them to find support.

One of ENNHRI strategic objectives is to strengthen NHRIs and to provide specific support to their leaders. ENNHRI Leadership Programme is an invaluable platform to support and encourage NHRIs leaders by providing an environment in which they can safely share information, experiences and knowledge. Their leadership development and peer support will lead to stronger and more connected NHRIs, for enhanced promotion and protection of human rights across Europe.


Mentoring Programme

ENNHRI’s mentoring programme will be facilitate one–to–one co-mentoring between peers. NHRI Heads who take part will receive training and tools to share professional knowledge and experience through a supportive and structured relationship.  



Exit Interviews

Leading an NHRI brings multiple challenges, which can become clearer and easier to discuss when leaving the position. Therefore, ENNHRI offers outgoing Leaders of NHRIs the opportunity to discuss their experiences of leading an NHRI, and participating in ENNHRI, through an ‘exit interview’ with an ENNHRI Board member or the Secretary General.  

Alumni Group

Former NHRI Leaders will be invited to join ENNHRI’s Alumni Network, a closed LinkedIn Group, to help to build a lasting network of former NHRI leaders. Their knowledge and experience can be called upon to build capacities of NHRIs, Leaders and ENNHRI in their areas of expertise.



ENNHRI offers an introduction to the NHRI mandate, peers working in similar institutions across Europe, and the activities of the network, providing a safe place to share information, experiences and lessons learned. It also aims to inform new leaders about the NHRI mandate and standards, ENNHRI as a network, provide space for new NHRI heads to meet each other and current members.  

Competency Framework

A leadership competency framework can help NHRI Heads to define leadership goals needed to enable their institutions to succeed. Used effectively, the framework can become a roadmap to increasing leadership effectiveness, informing the content of future ENNHRI leadership support and development activities. 


Leadership Forum 2024

The Leadership Forum is a key component of ENNHRI’s Leadership Programme. It provides an in-person environment where heads of NHRIs can safely share information, experiences and knowledge. The 2024 Leadership Forum was the first of its kind, gathering NHRI leaders for two days just outside of Brussels. It took place in January 2024.


Sign up for our program via the Podio registration form. Furthermore, you can get in touch with other former NHRI heads in our dedicated LinkedIn alumni group.