ENNHRI tenth anniversary conference:

Advancing Human Rights Democracy and Rule of Law at a Critical Time in Europe: The Role of NHRIs and ENNHRI

10th October 2023, Brussels


2023 is a milestone year for the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI): the network turns ten! To mark this, an anniversary conference is being held in Brussels on 10 October 2023.

This is an ideal time to consider NHRIs’ achievements – individually and collectively – to promote and protect human rights over the last decade.

With heads of NHRIs, regional partners and civil society set to gather, it is also the perfect moment to reflect on how NHRIs and the wider human rights community can best prepare for future challenges.

Speakers and Moderators

A photo of Věra Jourová standing on the front of EU flag

Věra Jourová

European Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency


Dunja Mijatovic

CoE Commissioner for Human Rights


Andrea Huber

Head of the ODIHR Human Rights Department OSCE-ODIHR

Brands Kehris, Ilze

Ilze Brands Kehris

UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights United Nations


Sirpa Rautio

Director of Finnish Human Rights Centre, National Human Rights Institution



Agenda and Practical Information

Our event will focus on “Advancing Human Rights Democracy and Rule of Law at a Critical Time in Europe: The Role of NHRIs and ENNHRI.” It will feature keynote speeches from leading human rights figures; two interactive panel debates; and an evening reception. 

10th October 2023- Conference

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Since 2013, we have been supporting, strengthening and connecting NHRIs to enhance the promotion and protection of Human Rights across Europe. Our members make us who we are.

As the network marks its tenth anniversary year, a video captures what being part of ENNHRI means for its member NHRIs and their work.

As a diverse network, ENNHRI represents something slightly different to all of its members. Their diversity of perspectives is what makes the network so rich.

Watch our video to learn more about their unique perspectives.