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Use outcomes of international advocacy on the national level


The outcomes of international advocacy, for instance a Decision of the Committee of Ministers, can be used by NHRIs on the national level. By monitoring the follow up on outcomes of international procedures, NHRIs can help ensure that recommendations by international institutions are complied with. By either monitoring the follow-up, or by following up themselves, the outcomes of international procedures can be used by NHRIs to pressure governments into carrying out the recommendations formulated by the body in question. NHRIs can devote attention to the outcomes of international processes when addressing relevant State actors or in their work more generally. In order to use the outcomes of procedures at the Committee of Ministers, it is important that the execution process of the Court’s judgments, and the role of the Committee of Ministers are known – this is something that is as of yet lacking in many Member States.  

The 2019 Parliamentary Report of the Public Defender of Georgia can serve as an example of how to report on (outcomes of) Committee of Ministers procedure. In its 2019 report, the Public Defender noted that certain recommendations by the Committee of Ministers to conduct investigations into a particular aspect of the Merabishvili case, was not yet fulfilled. It similarly drew attention to the interim resolution adopted by the Committee of Ministers on the Tsintsabadze group of cases. 

Examples of international advocacy actions

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