Drivers of attitudes towards migrants

In this session, you will learn what are the key drivers of attitudes towards migrants and what can shape the public debate on migration. 

How to create positive impact on migration narratives

``Changing the weather`` in the public debate on migration: Challenges and frames

In this session you will learn how to build insight into effective ways of engaging middle audiences in the migration debate and the challenges from a framing perspective. In particular the course explores: 

How to effectively engage middle audiences? – What are effective ways to engage these movable middle groups in a campaigning process? And what do these terms/concepts mean in practice?

Why do this type of campaigning? – What are the obstacles to putting forward a diversity agenda in public discussions on migration and how can frames help us understand these challenges and manage responses?

``Changing the weather`` in the public debate on migration: Effective responses and campaign case

In this session you will learn the ICPA experience and lessons from supporting the development of reframing campaigns in Germany over three years in the Narrative Change Lab, as part of the “Reframe the Debate! New Migration Narratives for Constructive Dialogue” project. In particular, the course explores:

Who to target to reach our goals? – Why should we target the so-called ‘moveable middle’, and how can we understand this group better? How do we balance our tactics and be realistic about what it takes to shift the public debate?


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