Our Strategic Plan 2018-2021 focuses our resources to areas where we can have the strongest impact, strengthen our European NHRIs’ work and complement the work of our partners at the European level. It was adopted by our General Assembly at its meeting in November 2017, following a participative planning process with the membership, Advisory Group on Strategic Planning, external stakeholders and the Board. This process helped us to tailor and focus our actions for maximum impact, relevance and strength.

The Strategic Plan includes three core objectives:


More European NHRIs in compliance with the UN Paris Principles

Key result areas

  1. Support the establishment of NHRIs across Europe
  2. Support for members throughout the accreditation process
  3. Support for NHRIs under threat


More effective promotion and protection of human rights

Key result areas

  1. Build NHRI capacities to effect change at the national level
  2. Support effective NHRI engagement at the European level
  3. Support effective NHRI engagement at the international level, in cooperation with the Global Alliance of NHRIs (GANHRI)
  4. Increase the visibility of NHRIs and ENNHRI


A strong and sustainable network

Key result areas

  1. Enhance member engagement and network communications
  2. Effective contribution to GANHRI’s governance
  3. Strengthen ENNHRI’s governance and management
  4. Strategic fundraising


The network is characterised by the diversity of its members’ organisational structures, mandates and interests, and a wide geographical scope. There are therefore numerous demands – from members and stakeholders alike – for us to work on a variety of thematic and methodological areas which reflect this diversity. However, in order to be effective, we need to focus on where we can have the most impact.

Our members have collectively decided on the topics below as the primarily focus during 2018-2021.