The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) exercises parliamentary control over observance of human rights and freedoms.

The Commissioner for Human Rights receives, via petitions, information about rights violations, including the right to liberty and security of persons and the right to a fair trial.The Commissioner is fulfilling its mandate with the help of the Secretariat, which works on a variety of issues, such as: social, economic and humanitarian rights, children rights, non-discrimination and gender equality, access to public information, personal data protection, the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs), or the rights of the military personnel.

Current areas of interest :

  • NPM monitoring: the visits indicate a gradual improvement of the conditions in places of deprivation of liberty, however the problem of observance of human rights continues to be very acute for penitentiaries and other institutions.
  • In the conditions of a worsening economic situation, the problem of violation of social and humanitarian rights is especially relevant.
  • Rights of military personnel.
  • The status of internally displaced persons, of which most are families with children.
  • The issue of implementation of the right to access to public information as a tool of public control of state authorities becomes more relevant every day. There is much to be done in the sphere of personal data protection.
  • Providing assistance in bringing Ukrainian legislation and administrative practice in compliance with the EU standards (in particular in the fields of personal data protection and anti-discrimination).
  • Appropriate and efficient implementation of legislation for prevention of and counteracting discrimination.
  • The development of new approaches and international standards on the activities of NHRIs in conflict and post-conflict situations. In this context on 21-22 October 2015 an International Conference on the Role of National Human Rights Institutions in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations took place in Kyiv and the Kyiv Declaration was adopted, becoming the beginning of an important and much needed process (so-called “Kiev process”).


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NHRI of Ukraine is a member of the following Working Groups:

NHRI of Ukraine is a participating institution in our Project on the Role of NHRIs in Situations of Conflict and Post-Conflict.


Head of institution

Mr. Dmytro Lubinets



21/8, Instytutska street, Kyiv 01008

Year of establishment


Accreditation status


Year of accreditation


Number of staff


Regional offices



  • Ombuds
  • Equality Body
  • National Preventive Mechanism under OPCAT Art. 3 (NPM)
  • Personal data protection body
  • Access to public information Monitoring body
  • Right to petition Monitoring body
  • Civil and democratic control over Armed Forces

Core functions

  • Monitoring
  • Publishing research, recommendations and opinions
  • Complaints handling
  • Legal assistance
  • Advising government, parliament and other public bodies
  • Supporting the work of human rights defenders
  • Cooperation with civil society organisations
  • Awareness raising activities