The Slovak National Centre for Human Rights (the Centre) is a national human rights institution established in the Slovak Republic, accredited with status B by the International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions.

The Centre was established by the Act of the Slovak National Council No. 308/1993 Coll. on the Establishment of the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights. Pursuant to Act No. 365/2004 Coll. on Equal Treatment in Some Areas and on Protection from Discrimination, and on amendments and supplements of certain acts, as amended (the Anti-Discrimination Act) the Centre acts also as the only Slovak equality body. As an NHRI and Equality Body, the Centre performs a wide range of tasks in both human rights and fundamental freedoms including the rights of the child and observance of the principle of equal treatment. The Centre among other powers:

  • monitors and evaluates the observance of human rights and the observance of the equal treatment principle;
  • conducts research and surveys to provide data in human rights; gathers and distributes information in this area;
  • prepares educational activities and participating in information campaigns aimed at increasing tolerance of the society;
  • provides legal assistance to victims of discrimination a manifestation of intolerance;
  • issues expert opinions on matters of the observance of the equal treatment principle;
  • performs independent inquiries related to discrimination;
  • prepares and publishes reports and recommendations on issues related to discrimination;
  • provides library services and services in the area of human rights;
  • annually publishes a report on the observance of human rights and the principle of equal treatment in the Slovak Republic.

Moreover, the Centre regularly submits NHRI reports to UN Treaty Bodies and cooperates with various national and international stakeholders.

Head of institution

Silvia Porubänová



Laurinská 18, 811 01 Bratislava

Year of establishment


Accreditation status


Year of accreditation


Number of staff



  • Bratislava
  • Banská Bystrica
  • Žilina
  • Košice


  • Equality body

Core functions

  • Monitoring
  • Publishing research, recommendations and opinions
  • Reporting to international and regional human rights mechanisms
  • Complaints handling
  • Legal assistance
  • Cooperation with civil society organisations
  • Human rights education and training
  • Awareness raising activities