ENNHRI Annual Conference 2019: ‘Realising Economic and Social Rights in Europe – The Role of National Human Rights Institutions’

Date: 14 November 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
The conference will take place one day after ENNHRI’s General Assembly meeting (13 November 2019).


Ten years after the economic crisis in Europe, some economic and social reforms still lead to violations of human rights, particularly economic and social rights (ESR). National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) have great potential in advancing the promotion and protection of ESR in Europe. Through their broad human rights mandate and variety of functions, NHRIs work towards the implementation of ESR and help translate international and regional human rights instruments and commitments to a local reality for all.

About the conference

ENNHRI’s Annual Conference will bring together European NHRIs with regional and international organisations and civil society to:

  • Showcase the role and relevance of NHRIs in the realisation of ESR in Europe
  • Encourage a human rights-based approach to economic and social policies and reforms at the national and European level

The programme will include high-level panels and interactive small group discussions, with a focus on poverty, the right to housing, labour rights, justiciability and promotion of ESR. International and European experts will introduce rights and policy frameworks and how NHRIs can use them. Representatives of European NHRIs will share practices on using their broad mandate to strive for the realisation of ESR.

The conference will result in a set of innovative recommendations for NHRIs on how to further advance the realisation of ESR in Europe, including through the support of ENNHRI and other stakeholders.


For more information, please contact Nina Pániková from the ENNHRI Secretariat:

» Download the concept note and the agenda for the Annual Conference
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