The Human Rights Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Human Rights Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an independent institution ensuring the protection of rights of individuals and legal entities, in accordance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and international human rights instruments adhered to.

The Human Rights Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Ombudsman handles complaints related to the poor functioning of or the human rights violations committed by any authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its entities and District Brčko. The cases are opened following complaints filed by individuals or legal entities, or ex officio. If it is determined that a violation of rights has occurred, the Ombudsman issues a recommendation to the competent bodies for restoring the human rights violation or addressing the poor functioning of administration.

The Ombudsman also has other additional mandates, in accordance with the Antidiscrimination Law, the Freedom of Information Act and Ministerial, Council of Ministers and other Appointments Law.

  • Ombuds
  • Equality Body
  • National Preventive Mechanism under OPCAT Art. 3 (NPM)
  • Monitoring body under Freedom of Information Act
Core functions
  • Monitoring
  • Publishing research, recommendations, opinions
  • Reporting to international and regional human rights mechanisms
  • Complaints handling
  • Legal assistance (but not free legal aid)
  • Advising government, parliament and other public bodies
  • Supporting the work of human rights defenders
  • Cooperation with civil society organisations
  • Human rights education and training
  • Awareness raising activities