Older Persons’ Human Rights one of topics at CDDH Meeting

A workshop as well as en exhibition on the Promotion of the Human Rights of Older Persons were one of the main topics during the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) meeting, held on 21 June in Strasbourg. ENNHRI was represented by Senior Human Rights Officer Katrien Meuwissen.

The Workshop is considered to be a next step in the evaluation process of the implementation of the 2014 CDDH Recommendation on the Human Rights of Older Persons. In two sessions, the attendants discussed how to achieve at the national level the principles that were set out in the Recommendation.

During the opening of the Workshop, the participation of the Croatian NHRI in the ENNHRI Project on the Rights of Older Persons (2014-2017) was mentioned by Ambassador Miroslav Papa, the Croatian Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe (CoE).

“Our task today is to raise awareness and exchange of good practices on the duty of NHRIs towards the well-being of older persons. They will grow old while their human dignity is protected and their rights respected.”
Miroslav Papa, Croatian Ambassador

Three key actions

The Recommendation invites (NHRIs in) Member States to take three actions:

  1. To ensure that its principles are compiled within national legislation and practice.
  2. To raise awareness of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of older persons through a wide dissemination among competent authorities and stakeholders.
  3. To provide good practices related to its implementation, focused on its inclusion in a shared information system accessible to the public.
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ENNHRI at the Council of Europe CDDH’s Workshop on Older People’s Human Rights.