Human Rights Education Workshop

The workshop, which takes place between 12-14 June in Sarajevo, is organised in the framework of the NHRI.EU project in which ENNHRI is a partner. Its aim is to introduce NHRIs staff to the field of human rights education - in formal education -
and support them to work structurally. The learning
objectives include strengthening NHRIs’ capacity to impact on domestic structures for human rights education (HRE) by:

  • documenting the status of HRE through baseline studies in the formal sector
  • addressing government and parliament on advancing HRE at the policy level
  • cooperating with educational authorities to enhance HRE for relevant educational levels and professions in formal education.
    An overview of the blended learning and practical details are provided in the course brochure, available here.

13 participants from 10 NHRIs are attending the event, organised with the support of the Institution of Human Rights Ombudsman/Ombudsmen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.