Human Rights & Conflict Project

ENNHRI is conducting between April 2017 and March 2020 an EU-funded Project to enhance the effectiveness of NHRIs to promote and protect human rights in situations of conflict and (post) conflict in wider Europe.

The wider Europe is nowadays characterised by a patchwork of situations, such as ongoing aggression, dormant or frozen conflicts, international border disputes, reconstruction and peace-building initiatives, violent or terrorist actions by non-state actors, and rising tensions that risk (renewed) conflicts. This variety of contexts will be referred to as ‘(Post) Conflict’ throughout the Project.

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In such situations, strong trusted and independent NHRIs cooperating in Europe are needed to not only protect rights-holders, but also to assist in the effective conflict prevention, management and resolution, as well as eventual peace-building and transitional justice.

The Human Rights and Conflict Project (the Project) comes timely, as an innovative example to strengthen the capacities of European NHRIs operating in (post) conflict to better promote and protect human rights.

The Project intends to build bridges between NHRIs and national, regional and international actors. Additionally, the Project aims to boost solidarity and cooperation between NHRIs with an extensive experience working in conflict environments and those facing rather recent challenges, including NHRIs that found themselves on the opposite sides of the conflict.

The Project is funded by the European Commission, DG DEVCO.