General Assembly Meeting & Annual Conference – REGISTRATION OPEN!

Registration is now open for ENNHRI’s Assembly Meeting & Annual Conference, which will take place in Athens, Greece, on 24 and 25 October 2018.

The two-day event aims to provide an opportunity for ENNHRI members to discuss recent developments, challenges and trends at national and European levels:

  • The General Assembly Meeting will take place on 24 October and will be dedicated to review past work, identify common challenges and plan ENNHRI activities for 2019.
  • The Annual Conference will be held on 25 October and will address NHRIs’ enabling role towards human rights and the democratic space in Europe (concept note available here).

Attendance to the meetings is by invitation only and open to all ENNHRI member institutions. Registrations are welcomed through the form below by Monday, 17 September 2018. We are kindly reminding you that ENNHRI is in a position to cover the cost of travel and accommodation only for one representative per ENNHRI member.

Participants will be contacted shortly with additional information and relevant meeting documents. For any further queries or information, please contact ENNHRI Secretariat at and in cc

The registration form starts below. We are looking forward to seeing you in Athens!


Please provide your general information, contact details and special needs in the section below.
To be completed by all participants, both ENNHRI-funded and self-funded.

[ENNHRI is planning to organise on Wednesday 24 October 2018 (after GA) a Social Programme (museum visit or sightseeing). The attendance is not obligatory, but please indicate whether or not you are interested.


Please tick the box below in case you are an ENNHRI-funded participant and provide the information.
To be completed only by ENNHRI-funded participants. Please note that ENNHRI will cover the accommodation and travel costs for only 1 representative from each member institution. Self-funded participants are considered to proceed with the booking of their own arrangements.

[Please note that ENNHRI covers 2 nights of accommodation. ENNHRI only covers 3 nights of accommodation in case of no return flight on the last day of the event.]


Please note that all participants should insert below the validation code they received by email.
Please don’t hesitate to comment or to request further information or clarification if needed.