Event on migrants’ access to information

Greece, Eleonas migrant reception centre ©ENNHRI

European National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from migrants’ reception, transit and destination countries have collected structured data on the migrants’ right to information, during their visits of places of migrants detention in spring 2017.

ENNHRI will present a set of recommendations targeting national and EU policy makers, aiming to address the human rights challenges identified in the field of migrants’ access to information, during an event at the European Parliament on 17 October 2017.

Participants include: representatives of NHRIs, members of the European Parliament and other EU policy makers, experts in migration.

As places are limited, we recommend that you register via sending an email to Nina.Panikova(at)ennhri.org.

For further information, please contact Julie Lejeune, Julie.Lejeune(at)ennhri.org.