ENNHRI represented at Moldovan NHRI’s anniversary and celebration of 25 years Paris Principles

The Moldovan NHRI, the Office of the People’s Advocate of the Republic of Moldova, celebrated its anniversary and 25 years of the Paris Principles by hosting an international conference on the ‘Evolution and Role of NHRIs in the Modern Society’ in Chisinau, Moldova on 27-28th September 2018.

Zoé Vautard of the ENNHRI Secretariat was in attendance, presenting on the Paris Principles as international standards of operation for NHRIs. In her speech, she also recognised and welcomed the efforts and accomplishments of the Moldovan NHRI, particularly its recent accreditation as an ‘A-status’ NHRI.

The conference took stock of the growth and strengthening of the Ombuds office, including the progressive development in its functions, mandate and thematic priorities since creation. Representatives of NHRIs from Armenia, Lithuania, Romania and Ukraine also made statements about the work of NHRIs with regards to human rights defenders, shrinking democratic space, fighting corruption and the implementation of court judgements, as well as their role as bridge-builders between the national and international levels, and the state and civil society.