ENNHRI in discussion sessions at FRA’s Fundamental Rights Forum 2018 in Vienna

ENNHRI members and representatives attended and made interventions at the Fundamental Rights Forum (FRF) organised by the EU Agency for Fundamental rights in Vienna on 25-28 September.

Through a series of open sessions, talks and panel debates, the FRF aimed to spark conversation and allow people from different walks of life to connect, reflect and act around different human rights topics. It was attended by representatives of NHRIs from Albania, Croatia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovakia.

ENNHRI Chair and Ombudswoman of Croatia, Lora Vidović, spoke at a working group session about the role of NHRIs as bridge-builders and their work in promoting a culture of rights, particularly in amplifying the voices of those lacking a voice or facing pressure. Also, a session on the role of businesses in human rights protection was jointly organised by the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, the Public Defender of Georgia and ENNHRI.

President of the Dutch NHRI (the College for Human Rights) and ENNHRI Board member, Adriana van Dooijeweert, presented at a few sessions, including one on monitoring fundamental rights in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and another on good practices in communicating human rights from the Dutch NHRI (watch online). She also spoke about the situation of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in accessing work in a working group session about labour market access.

To see the full programme of the FRF and watch the recordings of some of the presentations, visit http://www.fundamentalrightsforum.eu.