CDDH Plenary Meeting Report (June 2017)

ENNHRI attended on 6-9 June the plenary meeting of Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH).

Key items of interest for NHRIs, raising from this meeting, are:
- The report on the impact of current national legislation, policies and practices on the activities of civil society organisations, human rights defenders and NHRIs has been adopted (CDDH-INST). It highlights NHRIs and that is a real success for ENNHRI and its members.
- As a follow up to this report, the revision of CoE Recommendation N° R(97)14 on the establishment of independent national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights will be considered by CDDH in December 2017.

The following draft reports are open for comments over the summer:
- Social Rights CDDH-SOC (p. 11) : deadline on Friday 01/09
- Alternatives to detention CDDH-MIG (p. 16) : deadline on Friday 08/09

Further documents on: Execution of judgements; Revised Guidelines for the protection of victims of terrorist acts; Good and promising practices aimed at preventing and combating female genital mutilation and forced marriage have been adopted.