NHRIs under threat

In the course of their work, NHRIs could come under threat in a variety of manners, including: reduction in formal independence; political pressure; reduction in mandate; reduction and/or the removal of funding, arrest or attacks of NHRI representatives.

ENNHRI’s has released guidelines that state the principles that drive ENNHRI’s support for NHRIs under threat. The document also provides an overview of the options for support available and clarifies the procedures that are followed in such cases.

Some examples of NHRIs under threat and the support ENNHRI provided can be found below.

  • Poland
    The Polish NHRI was under threat due to a (possible) lack of funding. In October and November 2016, ENNHRI released a joint statement of support at the occasion of its General Assembly, endorsed by OHCHR, the IOI and Equinet. Sufficient funding is required to carry out its mandate in line with the Paris Principles. ENNHRI organised an expert meeting in Warsaw and its 4th NHRI Academy in Poznan, which boosted the NHRI’s visibility.
  • Georgia
    The Georgian NHRI faced criticism from public officials as a threat. Since the parliamentary elections in 2016, the hostility towards the NHRI started to grow (allegations of bias, unfairness, incompetence). The NHRI was also not considered in constitutional amendments. ENNHRI supported by making a reference to the threat in its 2017 GA Statement, endorsed by GANHRI. The Public Defender was also given more visibility during the GA Meeting.